Corvette Wins IntelliChoice’s ’2011 Best Overall Values of Year’ Performance Award

Stellar performance - one of the qualities a Corvette is known for!

Just this past month, IntelliChoice, the market leader in automotive ownership cost and car value analysis, re-instilled this Corvette fact at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) 2011 Best Overall Value of the Year (BOVY) awards in San Francisco.

The Chevrolet Corvette was honored as Performance Car of the Year for 2011!

The BOVY awards identify which vehicles on the market offer consumers outstanding value and lower than expected costs over time, giving customers a way to best define vehicles that will provide them with a "best bang for your buck" deal.

"The most important thing about choosing a car wisely is knowing that it's not just about the lowest sticker price," said IntelliChoice Executive Editor, Charlie Vogelheim. "In fact, the purchase price is just the first cost; there are many other factors to consider when gauging overall cost."

Only 21 of nearly 1,800 vehicles fit into a winning category, representing the best values and results of a careful analysis of ownership costs (depreciation, maintenance, repairs, fuel, fees, financing, insurance, etc.).

Vehicle Class Winners included:

Performance Car - Chevrolet Corvette

Compact Passenger Car - Honda Fit
Premium Compact Passenger Car - Lexus IS 250
Passenger Car - Toyota Prius
Premium Passenger Car - Toyota Avalon
Luxury Passenger Car - Infiniti M37
Convertible - Mini Cooper Convertible
Premium Convertible - Lexus IS 250C
Sporty/Coupe - Mini Cooper Hatchback
Premium Sporty/Coupe - Volvo C30
Compact Crossover/Wagon - Toyota RAV4
Premium Compact Crossover/Wago - Audi A3
Crossover/Wagon - Subaru Outback
Premium Crossover/Wagon - Lexus RX350
Luxury Crossover/Wagon - Volvo XC90
Minivan - Toyota Sienna
SUV - Toyota 4Runner
Full-Size SUV - GMC Yukon
Premium Full-Size SUV - Lexu GX460
Compact Pickup - Toyota Tacoma
Full-Size Pickup - Toyota Tundra

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