“Keys” Mountain Dew Commercial feat. C4 Corvette

Mountain Dew has taken it to the next level yet again. Their latest commercial, shot by Mouse McCoy and his Bandito Brothers production company, was filmed in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The plot: Young man is mistaken as a valet by an arrogant couple who just hand over the keys to their C4 Corvette. Instead of parking it, he takes the vehicle on a joy ride through the streets of Mexico where he eventually ends up being “pipe-ramped” into a bullfighting ring. (Good stuff.)

Apparently only 3 Corvettes were used in the commercial. And with only a $30K budget, one of the ‘Vettes was completely wrecked. “We had one shot at getting the pipe-ramp stunt right,” said McCoy.

Why McCoy chose the C4? “First, we needed a car that was fast and powerful enough and handled well enough for the stunt. Next, it had to be a car that could get this guy laid in a down economy! There’s a cache to Corvette that always works. What other sports car can you buy for under 10K that a chick will still think is an expensive ride? The guy appreciates the flash cash value, and so does the kid who has a blast destroying it.”

Enough said…

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  1. Bill says:

    More than enough.

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