Milner & Westbrook Join Corvette Racing Team

Tommy Milner.
Richard Westbrook.

These two gentlemen mark the 21st and 22nd drivers to join the Corvette Racing team since its first debut in 1999.

Both men have had extensive experience in world-class GT competition and will be joining the Corvette Racing team during the 2011 American Le Mans Series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

"We look at our competition continuously and intensely, and it became very clear that Tommy Milner and Richard Westbrook have the qualities we value at Corvette Racing," said Doug Fehan, Corvette Racing program manager.

"They are quick, intelligent, team-oriented, and disciplined in their approach. They will connect with Corvette fans and represent Chevrolet as a global brand. We are very excited to have these two talented young drivers join America’s most successful production sports car team, and we look forward to long and rewarding relationships with both of them."

"… to be a part of the Corvette program at this point in my career is very exciting,” said Milner.

"I’ve raced against the Corvette enough times to know it’s better to be driving one than racing against one," Westbrook said.


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