Corvette Carbon Edition Now Available!

Just a month ago, we announced that dealers were finally being allowed to order the sweet 2011 Corvette Carbon Edition Z06, and, as it turns out, just 250 were ordered by dealers.  It is truly a limited edition!

Ours, in Inferno Orange Metallic, has now arrived, and is dazzling all who pass by, as it awaits its discriminating buyer.  Once the color turns your head, you will be impressed with carbon fiber parts, the large decal on the doors celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, and the awesome suede interior.  You'll consider it an attractive and explosively fast orange rocket ship!

No incentives are available from the factory on this car.  The MSRP is $99,995.

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  1. Edward Stevens says:

    Those awesomely cool headlights are awesome. I want those on my ride, which is why I am having it replaced. I on the other hand bought everything I needed from an online Chevy Corvette Accessories site. Every service they had made was satisfying.

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