New Corvette Themed Items from Car Art Work

For years now, attractive and substantial metal logos and Christmas ornaments have been available to celebrate Corvette.  We first wrote about Car Art Work some years ago, and Diane Everse is still showing up at many of the largest Corvette events nationwide to display her products.

I put my money where my mouth is, and purchased the ZR1 Business Card Holder for my desk here at CorvetteBlog.  I was also impressed with the Toolbox adaptation, as shown below.  I would imagine every Corvette technician in America would want to have one of these!  And now, there are a number of items with the Jake symbol (official logo of the Corvette Racing Team) available.  At the C5/C6 Bash, Diane even had a sweet 8-1/2 x 11 leather pad with Jake.

Check out the well-designed websiteor see the products in person at the following events this summer:

June 23-26  Bloomington Gold
July 14-16  National Corvette Homecoming
August 13-14  Midwest Corvette/Chevy Show
August 26-28  Corvettes at Carlisle
September 1-3  17th Anniversary Celebration at National Corvette Museum










































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  1. car tips says:

    This car art surely attracts car owners. It can help cars to be more attractive than the way it seems to be. This will really hit the global market.

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