Media Advisory: GM North America President at Corvette Plant

General Motors announced today that the media is invited to a presentation tomorrow, Wednesday, May 4, to be made at the Bowling Green (Corvette) Assembly Plant.  GM North America President Mark Reuss (shown at the right) will be speaking at 10:15 am, Central Standard Time.

What could possibly be on the collective minds of GM about Corvette in early May?  What remains to be said, that was not divulged at the impressive C5/C6 Corvette Birthday Bash just this past weekend? 

In my view, the only questions not answered at the Bash were about the exciting new product that will follow when the run of the C6 is complete.  Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter told us at the Bash that the C7 would definitely not appear in calendar year 2012.  We believe, then, that the C7 will be a 2014 model, at the earliest.

The subject line for tomorrow’s presentation is simply: "positive news announcement for the plant and Corvette lovers."  Tomorrow, we’ll see what that means.  Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Media Advisory: GM North America President at Corvette Plant

  1. Keading says:

    Please say you are going to spend more time on upgrading the interior, to compete with the other cars in that same market. Would you please add more colors to the choices? Also, colors that people like, not just colors from someone that sits in an office (not in touch with the people that are buying the car). Thank you for you time.

  2. Bill Connell says:

    Well, check out the interior changes for 2012, which you should like. However, promises have been made that C7 interior changes will be very well received, when they arrive in two years!

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