2012 Corvette Package Pricing Announced

Chevrolet made pricing available on the 2012 Corvette yesterday.  As might be expected, prices are rising across the line, but, as we have constantly seen, equipment and refinement continue to improve, as well.  There is no question that the 2012 Corvette is an even better car!

Comparing 2011 base model to 2012 base model, the increase in list prices varies from $575 to $1725, depending on whether you compare a base coupe or a ZR1.

Trim level package prices also increase in almost every instance, ranging form $900-1795 per unit.  The exceptions are the ZR1, which does not change, and the 2LT Convertible and 2LT Grand Sport Convertible, where the package price decreases $1095.

In addition, the Destination Charge increases on every car, from $950 in 2011 to $975 in 2012.

When one adds together the cost of the base package, the trim level increase, and the destination charge, a question is raised.  The most intriguing revelation here is the net $145 reduction in the price of the Base Convertible and the Grand Sport Convertible, the only two trim levels to see a reduction.  Is it a typo, or newfound value for the buyer of these models?  Time will tell!

If you would like for us to price out a new 2012 Corvette for you, please comment below.  We will keep your inquiry private, and respond to your email inquiry or give you a call.  You can also call 888-875-0728 to leave a detailed message.

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