Factory Incentives on Brand New Corvettes

Chevrolet announced incentives on new Corvettes today.  $4000 in Customer Cash is available on those 2010 Corvette models remaining on dealer lots.  Or, in lieu of the $4000, buyers can take 0% Financing for as long as 72 months.

On brand new 2011 Corvette models, $3000 Dealer Cash is available.  If you forgo the $3000, you can finance for up to 60 months at 1.9%, or for up to 72 months at 2.9%.  The Z06 Carbon Edition is excluded from these offers.

Incentivized nterest rates are based on approved credit.  All offers are available through July 5.  Click on the Matick Corvette tab above for our selection of cars available.  We can also locate 2011 models for you.  Please call 1-888-875-0728 for additional information.

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  1. Atlanta Corvette says:

    These types of incentives are going to be great for buyers on the fence. Thanks for posting this info.

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