Corvette 3D Experience

The National Corvette Museum (NCM) is creating a high-definition 3D documentary that examines the evolution of the Corvette, from its inception in 1953 to today. The film will also look into what it is about the Corvette that brings its lasting appeal as America’s Sports Car.

NCM acts as the primary authority and resource for this documentary, which will need a minimum of $195K to begin production. It is being produced and directed by Patrick Gramm and Philip Angelotti.

“3D production costs more money because of the equipment and crew expertise required… and pretty much every facet of the production is going to take extra time compared to traditional filmmaking… but to do the Corvette justice, I can’t see doing it in any other way but in 3D,” says Angelotti.

In order to move forward on the project, the team plans to utilize the non-traditional approach of crowdfunding, and are reaching out to fellow Corvette enthusiasts to make the Corvette 3D Experience a reality.

For more information, and to learn how to help with funding, visit these websites:

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