Corvettes on Woodward Show

The world’s biggest car show is, without a doubt, the Woodward Dream Cruise.  It is held one Saturday every August on Woodward Avenue, spreading out north of Detroit, Michigan for about twenty miles.  This year the Dream Cruise falls on Saturday, August 20.

City after city opens its doors to receive a total of some 40,000 classic and sports cars from all over the world!  These 40,000 vehicles of interest attract well north of a million viewers.  The crowd has been estimated as high as 1.5 million in some years.  I know.  I’ve been there in the traffic jam.  Yes, many times.

This year, once of the sponsors is ChevroletChevy will be prominent with billboards, a sound stage, and tons of classic metal in the tony downtown area of Birmingham.  We are in the lead up to the celebration of the Chevrolet Centennial, so it’s Chevy, Chevy, Chevy everywhere!

One of the activities leading up to the Woodward Dream Cruise that is of special interest to Corvette lovers is Corvettes on WoodwardLarry Courtney is the man in charge, and he has a dizzying number of activities lined up for participants.

Wednesday, August 17, Noon to 7:30 pm - Hundreds of Corvettes jam the lot at the Radisson Hotel in Bloomfield Hills for seminars, canned goods collection for a food pantry, socializing, and then htting the four lanes wide southbound Woodward Avenue with an estimated 400 Corvettes.  Police cordon off the road, and let the Corvettes flow out of the hotel lot for an hour!  There is also an optional tour of the GM Heritage Center (which is seldom open to the public).


Thursday, August 18 - Road tours to Advanced Automotive Technologies, Specter Werkes, and the GM Performance Build Center Open House.

Friday, August 19 - Road tours to Katech Engines, Alternative Automotive Technologies, and the Lingenfelter Collection.

Saturday, August 20 - Corvette fans will find a heavy concentration of sweet Vettes owned by members fo America’s Corvette Club in the Borders parking lot, on Woodward in Birmingham.

Yes, there is indeed something for everybody!























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  1. Larry Courtney says:

    Thanks for the write up. Thanks to everyone that participated. A person that was on the roof counted 563 Corvettes!

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