Lingenfelter Collection Tour Popular with Cruisers!

In honor of the week of Woodward Dream Cruisin’, and in an effort to raise funds for the Open Hands Food Pantry of Royal Oak, Michigan, the Lingenfelter Collection held an open house last Friday, August 19.  Although not so well known as other Michigan based automotive collections, this assembly of automobiles is refreshing and simply wonderful.

We were told that there are 196 cars in the complete collection, although only about 130 were on hand.  But what an amazing 130 they were!  Spread out through three adjoining showrooms, we saw excellent examples of Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Vector, Camaro, Mustang, Bugatti, and numerous muscle and classic cars.  I took special interest in the modifications provided by both Lingenfelter and Callaway.

For me, the most special treat were the two examples of Reeves Callaway’s Speedsters.  However, the Bugatti Veyron and the Lambo Reventon (both valued in the millions) were certainly head turners, as well.

The collection is not open to the general public, so there is no posted admittance fee, as at a museum.  To get in, you have to be part of a group, using the collection as a background to raise funds for charity.  That said, if you get an opportunity to see this special collection, don’t miss out.


































































































































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