Woodward Dream Cruise Celebrates Chevrolet

A day well spent!  Chevrolet was everywhere.  Corvettes were resplendent!  I spent my day – until the 55 mph winds and rain arrived – with America’s Corvette Club in front of Border’s massive Birmingham, Michigan store (in the process of going out of business).  I had a great time with the people, who love their cars.  If you need a Corvette Club with whom to hang, none could be better than the A.C.C.!

We made sure our Triple Black 2011 Callaway 3LT Corvette  was prominent on Woodward Avenue, and many people took time to enjoy it.  Other Callaway Corvettes were present too, as you will see scrolling down the photos after the jump.

In honor of the centennial, Chevrolet had a massive exhibit right across the street, with new models (even including the 2013 Malibu), giveaways, and an awesome Military Tribute Camaro (see below).





























































































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