SiriusXM 2.0 Set to Launch 2013

SiriusXM recently unveiled exciting info about its upcoming Sirius XM Satellite 2.0 service.

This next version 2.0 will feature more on-demand programming as well as Hispanic channel options. You’ll even be able to pause and rewind broadcasts!

And much like Pandora, Sirius will allow consumers the chance to personalize music stations come 2012.

But the big question remains – When will this full-fledged Sirius XM 2.0 option be available?

Unfortunately, vehicles won’t be getting the upgraded hardware until 2013. Just in time for the new Corvette C7! Wouldn’t this technology be a nice addition?  Home consumers have had the capacity to pause and rewind, but to have on-demand options would be fantastic.

[ Engadget ]

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  1. The way these technologies keep growing is crazy! Satellite radio is a must in any vehicle not just Vettes. Bring it on Sirius!

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