2012 Corvette Has Two Additional Catalytic Converters

You are probably reading this on CorvetteBlog first.  Have you looked at the underside of a brand new 2012 Corvette?

When Chris Chessnoe (of Callaway Cars) and I looked at the underside of the 2012 Corvettes sitting on the 18 wheeler parked at Corvette Funfest in Effingham, Illinois a week ago, we saw two new catalytic converters on each car.  These were not present on the 2011 models.

A call to our savvy GM trainer, Rob Scott, confirmed that this was an official change for 2012.  Each car now has four catalytic converters.  The reason?  The EPA required them.

So what about power?  Any reduction?  Not at all.  Internal GM sources say that there is no change in horsepower and torque!

And here we see the conventional view under a 2012 Corvette.


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