NY Gov. Cuomo, Car Enthusiast

Gov. Andrew CuomoLast week, car enthusiasts of all sorts meandered through a collection of vintage vehicles at the 2nd annual Nassau County’s car show.

Anonymous to the crowds, one individual pulled in and parked his 1975 Corvette amongst others. It wasn’t until a small entourage of photographers and plain-clothed state troopers made it clear of his notoriety – New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.

As a car-enthusiast since his early teenage years working at a gas station, he walked through the rows of vehicles and exclaimed, “I’m having a ball.”

He all but apologized about his ride, admitting that his deep sky-blue 1975 model that he bought for $4,750 while in college was no prize-winner. “I use it — it’s not a show car by any means,” he said. “I leave it in a parking lot, so the car isn’t as clean as these cars. It’s far from perfect.”

According to his office, this was Cuomo’s first gubernatorial car cruise. Instead of posing for pictures then to be whisked away, Cuomo stayed awhile and engaged in conversations, proving his auto-buff smarts.

“It’d be cooler if he’d lower my taxes. But, yeah, it’s pretty cool,” said an attendee.

[ NY Times ]

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