Corvette Racing at ALMS in Baltimore

New territory. New crowds. New street course.

The Corvette Racing Team is making preparations for their American Le Mans Series’ (ALMS) first ever race in Baltimore, MD. The team is challenged to gauge the impact of racing on a street course that contains bumps, low grips, jumps, and more.

With little time to test before the race, the team’s Corvette engineers are faced with creating a simulation of the course from provided data (i.e. length of track’s straightaway and radius of corners). Really, a true guessing game.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I love these situations where everyone has to start at zero,” says Oliver Gavin.

The first run is critical, and the entire team must be flexible and prepared to react quickly. Follow the jump to hear more from:

  • Doug Fehan, Corvette Racing Program Manager
  • Doug Louth, Corvette Racing Engineering Director
  • Oliver Gavin, Corvette Racing – Driver Car 4
  • Dan Binks, Crew Chief #3 Car

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