Celebrity Choice Awards at Corvette Funfest

I had written previously that CorvetteBlog was going to the recent Corvette Funfest in Effingham, Illinois, so today I tell my story about being one of the Celebrity Choice Judges.  I was honored with the cap (shown at the right) for my efforts.

On each of the main days of the event (Friday and Saturday), I was asked to peruse the thousands of Corvettes sitting before me to select a vehicle that "spoke" to me.  How do you pick one among the thousands?  So many roses…..

On Friday, I picked a gorgeous Crystal Red Metallic 2011 Callaway Grand Sport 4LT ConvertibleCarol Gronemeier of East Alton, Illinois is the owner, and she and her husband, Fred, have done a great job of personalizing their CallawayCallaways, of course, already have a lot of personality (with their 606 horsepower and other charms), but this one has additional nice touches under the hood, in the trunk, and throughout the car.  See photo of Carol, host Mike Yager of Mid-America Motorworks, and me after the jump.  Also pictured (at Carol’s left) is emcee Keith Martin, of the invaluable resource, Corvette Market Magazine.

On Saturday, I selected a Vette that had just driven many hard hours (through four rainstorms!) from the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  Ron Ledingham of Mannford is the owner of this Black 2009 Z06 with a contrasting Crystal Red Metallic stripe.  Many of the members of Ron’s Corvette Club, the Tulsa Vette Set, have chrome-base CB whip antennas (from Mid-America Motorworks) on their cars, and a surround of chrome at the rear, highlighting the line between the rubber and the composite material.  It makes a great look!  Ron was really surprised (and pleased) that I had walked nearly to the back of the expansive fields to find his beauty.  (Frankly, it was a long walk!  Maybe Mike can have them parked closer together next year  :) .  Photos below.










Carol above.  Ron below.













Another look at Carols’ Callaway:

















And another photo of Ron, with wife Patti, that shows off the stripe: 







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