Corvette-inspired Car… or Boat?

Corvette-inspired concept vehicles are everywhere. But, have you honestly seen a Corvette-inspired… boat? Not until now.


For the ultimate thrill and a meager $1.7 million, you can be traveling the waters in this 2012 ZR48 MTI at 170 mph! With two 1,350 hp turbocharged Mercury Marine V8 engines this baby will take you everywhere and anywhere your heart desires.


The Corvette inspiration really becomes apparent when you hop inside – completely equipped and designed with all Chevrolet Corvette interior. With seating for 6, you’re set for entertaining purposes.


And because this craft is so wide, the only way to transport it is on its side in its custom-built trailer. That’s right…


Check out the photos after the jump!


[ AutoBlog ]

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  1. Wow, it would be a great experience riding a car – in the water. And it is probably a new driving experience for Chevrolet Corvette lovers.

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