Mid-life Crisis Examined

This is interesting – the Huffington Post recently examined an article written by Jesse Bering, a research psychologist who claims that – Mid-life crises aren’t for real.


Disregard the thought that reaching your middle age brings on a full-blown meltdown – complete with a new girlfriend, new hair cut, new red Corvette, etc.


Bering notes, “The precise chronological point at which we formally enter ‘middle age’ is of little importance. What’s much more intriguing are the psychological changes thought to accompany it.”


Instead we stick to this crisis chatter because we are so stuck in the past with the common notions on what midlife is supposed to be. "People are so used to thinking of midlife as basically a period of loss, that it often does become a self-fulfilling prophecy," says Israeli psychologist Carlo Strenger of Tel Aviv University. "But some people, you really see that they begin to blossom, they begin to be more fruitful. They do things on a larger scale."


It’s a reality that today individuals are living longer; which has allowed the middle age period to turn into “a time of reflection, growth and optimism, rather than one of stagnation and despair.” Men may find themselves trading in their Corvettes for cycles, while women look inward and find meaning in yoga, mindfulness and home.


Do you agree that there’s no such thing as a mid-life crisis?


[ Huffington Post ]

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