Eight-car Nürburg Crash Involves a Rented Corvette

Earlier this week, an eight-car crash occurred on the Nürburgring Nordschleife – a one-way, public toll-road outside Nürburg, Germany that is sometimes closed for racing events. The root cause of the crash was cited as “excessive speed”. Go figure.


Police stated the accident was the result of a driver who was not paying attention at the wheel and tried to abruptly stop after noticing three motorists ahead had slowed speeds tremendously due to a construction zone. With no such luck, that driver’s vehicle slid off the road then back onto the road where he hit the other two vehicles. The other vehicles involved crashed into those three.


One driver was hospitalized, while two others were treated on the scene. Of the vehicles involved (a rented Corvette Z06 and BMW M3 “ring tax”), all but one were completely totaled and deemed not driveable.


Overall property damage incurred cost upwards of $130,000.  See photos after the jump.

[ Jalopnik ]

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