What New Equipment Do You Want to See on the C7 Corvette?

Vette Magazine yesterday published a somewhat whimsical list of features they would like to see on the 2014 Corvette.  With something like just 21 months to go until the C7 hits the road, we the prospective C7 buyers are running out of time to express our requests to Chevy.

The magazine lists the following items as desirable:

Built-in in-line dynomometer for on-the-fly horsepower readings.

Parental control locks that electronically set a speed governor before you loan your Corvette to your teenagers.  :)

Vehicle-to-vehicle handshakes that allow you to publish your Corvette‘s profile to an on-board transmitter, and receive published profiles from other Corvettes within wireless range, when driving, or at car shows, events, races, etc.

On-board WIFI Internet hotspot (password protected).  It’s a shock that this isn’t already an option.

Road course lap timer that learns the road course lap through GPS and then displays lap times and other metrics, such turn entering and exiting speeds, straightaway top speeds, etc.  (This is already available in the aftermarket.)

What do you want?

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