Chevy’s Speedometers: Past & Present

With this year marking Chevrolet’s 100th anniversary, web designer, Christian Annyas, posted a blog that has everything to do with design and Chevy.

Over this past decade, let’s face it, Chevy’s cars, trucks, vans, and sports rides have all been significantly modified – both with interior and exterior appeal. But, one thing has remained consistent in all: SPEEDOMETERS.

The design of a speedometer was intentional. A quick glance at it when driving will tell you if you need to either speed up or slow down. Though today, digital speedometers are becoming more common – and much more difficult to interpret since the numbers are always changing.

So, enjoy a blast from the past in gauging the history of Chevy’s speedometers. Which speedometer design is your favorite? Least favorite?

More than anything we’re excited to see the C7′s speedometer and dash, will it resemble the new Cadillac design for the Cue?  We can only hope! 

Blog your opinions with us here.

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