Motor Trend Features Corvette Inspired Callaway SportTruck

Described by Steve Temple as a "Stealth Bomber," the Callaway Corvette-inspired Chevrolet SC540 SportTruck recently made a huge impression on his journal, Motor Trend.  Other enthusiastic comments include:

"The performance on the SC540 SportTruck is transformational: One moment you’re cruising along, looking nonchalantly down from your cabin window at exotic, low-profile sports cars.  The next, your rig goes ballistic, showing them your tailgate as other drivers stare wide-eyed in disbelief.  Getting bested by a pickup just ruined their day, and you’re smiling smugly all the way back to the hay barn.

"Yet this performance pickup is not some high-strung, temperamental muscletruck.  Callaway engineers were able to attain these increased power levels with virtually no reduction in fuel mileage, along with predictable drivability, and meeting emissions standards for all 50 states.  That sounds like having your cake and eating it, too."

The factory estimated 5 second run-up to 60 miles per hour is realistic.  As I have written before, I have driven this truck, and it is impressive front to back and wall to wall.  I really enjoyed my serving of cake!  Check out the article at Motor Trend.  This truck can be ordered from George Matick Chevrolet!

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