CorvetteBlog Helps Build 100 Millionth Chevy Small Block V8

Chevy engine fans will remember this day for a long time!  Today, November 29, the superior craftsmen of the General Motors Performance Build Center (Wixom, Michigan) oversaw the assembly of the One Hundred Millionth Chevy Small Block V8.  If it could be done, 100,000,000 Chevy smallblocks lined up side by side would circle the earth twice!  Imagine the horsepower! 

This milestone engine, assembled with the assistance of a small group of GM retiree and journalist invitees (including the writer of this post) is the feisty 638 hp LS9 used in the 2012 Corvette ZR1, the pinnacle of all Chevy Small Blocks.  The engine will be retained for use in auto shows, heritage collections, and museum tours.

David Cole, Chairman Emeritus of thinktank Center for Automotive Research (C.A.R.S.) recounted tales from his youth, when his father, Ed Cole, oversaw the development of the very first GM smallblock V8.

Members of the smallblock braintrust were present for photography and answering questions from the press.  Press represented included Automobile, Motor Trend, and the Detroit News.  Look for their stories later.


















Throughout the morning, journalists and GM staff members were given the privilege of building the engine. Above: Detroit News autowriter Scott Burgess attaches the Turbocharger Cover. Below: this blogger attaches the Water Pump.









































































Above: David Cole shares his memories of smallblock development (and application).  Below: the current smallblock braintrust deserve the praise for their remarkable work.


















It was stated that the Next Generation (Fifth) Version of this engine will be found in the Next Generation (Seventh) 2014 Corvette.  Below: Engine Parts Layout for the LS9.  Can you find my water pump?

















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2 Responses to CorvetteBlog Helps Build 100 Millionth Chevy Small Block V8

  1. davy says:

    Shock & awe! That it just so happened that the 1 hundred millionth SBC was the LS9. What were the odds that the most powerful engine in the lineup would just happen to be the 1 hundred millionth? It boggles the mind! Or was this all planned way in advance as another publicity stunt?

  2. Bill Connell says:

    The odds were very good that this engine would be built at this engine manufacturing location. I agree that this was not serendipitous. They wanted this special engine to be built at the one facility where customers are allowed to come and build their own engine. The facility is magnificent. It had to be done here. No surprise at all.

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