Have a Jolly Corvette Christmas!

The Corvette you give as a Christmas gift can bring a lot happiness!

But you may be asking, How do you handle the "fitting it under the Christmas tree" problem?  You have choices: Get a bigger house with a bigger tree.  Place a scale model under the tree, while the new drivable beauty sits in the garage under a giant bow.  Give a key in a wrapped box, with the beautiful car outside.  You can think of something!  The important thing is to take advantage of great end-of-year pricing, and get that Corvette now!

The parent Chevrolet dealership of CorvetteBlog, George Matick Chevrolet, has a large selection of Corvette Christmas gifts this year.  You can choose from the ZR1, the Z06, Callaway Coupes and Convertibles, Grand Sport Coupes and Convertibles, and base Coupes and Convertibles.  If we don’t have exactly what you want, we will trade for it.

We even have a handful of 2011 models left, with all the extra dealer cash on it.  An example is the gorgeous Crystal Red Metallic 2011 Grand Sport 3LT Coupe pictured here.  It is equipped with 6-Speed Automatic, Dual-Mode Performance Exhaust, Navigation Radio, and Ebony Sport Bucket Seats.

Although the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price on this car is $67,030, you can buy today for just $55,898, plus tax and fees.  Those employed by General Motors, or who qualify for Conquest Cash, will purchase for even less!  Be sure to buy while these incentives are available from the factory.

By the way, would you like the bow on the hood or on top?

If you are interested, please give us a call at 1-313-531-7100, or comment on this blog with your contact information. It will be kept private.
























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