Gigantic Dealership Showroom Includes Corvettes

Buying a new Chevrolet – or any automobile, for that matter - in the winter, in the northern states, can be annoying.  Why?  The cold and the snow.  Would it not be great to be able to shop indoors?

But how does one shop for cars or trucks indoors?  Where in the world is there a showroom sufficient in size to accommodate at least one each of every one of Chevrolet‘s sixteen models?

In Michigan, the answer is easy.  There is just one place: George Matick Chevrolet in Redford, just west of Detroit.  Not only is one of each model kept inside, but all Corvettes (new and used) are kept inside, out of the elements, all the time.  In addition, almost all of the Camaros are kept inside.  Even some of the Pre-Owned cars and trucks are kept inside.

In a walk-through this afternoon, I counted 97 vehicles in the showroom alone!  If you are shopping for a new or used car or truck this winter, stop by this amazing facility.  You won’t need your snow boots and shovels here!




















































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