Corvettes on Woodward Draws Over 550 Corvettes

One of the highlights of this past year for CorvetteBlog was to be a part of the Corvettes on Woodward Parade.  The event, with every Corvette generation represented, was staged at the Radisson Hotel in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Through the course of the afternoon, vendors presented their wares, and seminars were presented on matters of interest to Corvette owners.  For example, the fine folks from Callaway Cars (Chris Chessnoe and Mike Zoner) were present to answer questions about the awesome history and product emanating from their factories in Connecticut and California.

At a time prearranged with the police department, two lanes of southbound Woodward Avenue (famous for the Woodward Dream Cruise every August) were cordonned off by the authorities, and the Corvettes were flagged out onto the road.  Over a period of a little over half an hour, an amazing 563 Corvettes participated!

This event has been staged for some years now, and while there is no fee to participate, funds are still raised for the Open Hands Food Bank in Royal Oak.  It was great to be a part of an event so big, but that also provided a chance to help those who are struggling in this economy with food donations.  Thanks go to Larry and Verna Courtney for an organizing job well done!

















































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