Corvette Market Magazine Now a Part of American Car Collector Magazine

Keith Martin, host of "What’s My Car Worth?" on the Velocity TV Network, has been involved with the collector car hobby for more than thirty years.  He founded the monthlySports Car Market Magazine some twenty years ago, and then in 2007, he began publishing Corvette Market Magazine.

Regardless of what he does with automobiles, Keith excels in his knowledge, and translates his experience and understanding into wisdom for average guys with big money, so that wiser decisions can be made about acquisitions and restoration (or not).

Recently, Keith has expanded the range of his Corvette magazine to include virtually all U.S. makes, and the magazine is now called American Car Collector.  While Corvette is still included in the new publication, more than that, Corvette is specifically included.  I have just examined Volume 1, Issue 1 (January-February 2012) to evaluate the value of the new magazine to Corvette enthusiasts.

In addition to in-depth profiles of GMs, Mopars, and FoMoCos sold at auction, each issue of American Car Collector will have a column and profile dedicated only to Corvettes.  The issue I examined includes a column by John L. Stein entitled Corvette Country.  The article was titled, "They all look tasty; Pick a flavor."  The issue’s profile is on the 1965 327/375 Fuelie Coupe (pictured here).

The same expertise that made Keith Martin’s Sports Car Market the industry standard for car aficionados has been brought to bear on American cars, and collectors are finally getting the attention they deserve!

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