Hertz is Renting Corvettes Again

Years ago, we posted that Hertz had introduced a rental Corvette to certain large car rental markets.  Read that post here.

Subsequently, we noticed over the years, a lot of journalists reporting Hertz rental Corvettes being damaged or destroyed in accidents.  We certainly didn’t keep count, but what is it with all the accidents when renting?  Seriously, it has to be the lack of safety training for powerful vehicles!

Now, Hertz is at it again, and we truly wish them the best.  Hertz has announced their Adrenaline Collection, an offering of muscle and sports cars for serious drivers.  Both Corvette and Camaro are included.

Cities included are: an Diego, Las Vegas, San Francisco, LAX, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, Houston, Dallas, JFK, LaGuardia, Manhattan, Paramus, Hamptons, Newark, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Denver.  What about Chicago and Detroit?

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3 Responses to Hertz is Renting Corvettes Again

  1. Using this kind of car is really rare since we know the market value of Corvette. Good thing Hertz is able to offer this so you can have the experience of driving on a Corvette for a lesser value.

  2. sammy rush says:

    How much to rent a 2012 corvette for 3 days? What are the financial requirements?

  3. Bill Connell says:

    Give Hertz a call!

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