Chevy Announces New Incentives to Get More Corvettes on the Road!

If you have been waiting for Chevrolet to make it easier for you to purchase or lease a new 2011 or 2012 Corvette, your time has come!  In December, $3000 in Customer Cash was offered on 2011 models, and $1500 in Dealer Cash on 2012 models. 0% Financing for up to 60 months (and 2.9% for 72 months) was offered as an alternative, in place of the Cash on the 2011’s.  In addition, all who qualified for the GM Employee Discount were favored with an additional $2500 off.  And in addition to that, there were a few programs to save you money if you got something in the mail.

For January and February (through Leap Year Day), all of the above is still true, but there’s more! Consider which of these programs can help you get the most off the price of your new Corvette:

GM Owner Loyalty Program – through 2/29/12

If you own or lease a 1999 Model Year or Newer Chevy, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Pontiac, Hummer, or Oldsmobile, you qualify for an additional $1000 off on both 2011 and 2012 Corvettes! This offer is not compatible with other Private Offers, but is compatible with Customer Cash, Bonus Cash, APR, and Lease Programs.  And you do not have to sell or trade that car.

GM Card Top-Off Programs – through 2/29/12

There are numerous programs available, depending on which GM Card you have, and how much in rewards you have already earned. Savings can range from $750-5000. Check on your card earnings when purchasing a Corvette directly with GM.

GM Competitive Lessee Conquest Program – through 2/29/12

$2000 is available to non-GM lessees toward the purchase/lease of a 2011 or 2012 Corvette. Although this program is not compatible with other Private Offer programs, it is compatible with Cash, APR, and Lease programs.

United Services Automobile Association Private Offer – through 1/2/13

$750 is offered to members of USAA on 2011 and 2012 Corvettes.

Exclusive George Matick Chevrolet Offers

Whichever programs and incentives help you with your Corvette purchase, please keep in mind that we at George Matick Chevrolet are always looking to find ways to make your purchase/lease experience here “Better in Every Way!” We want you completely satisfied!

We are determined to find every incentive and discount to which you are entitled, so that you will receive the very best service and price!  Call me to price out a car for you, to check out our inventory, to locate a vehicle, or to ask any other questions you may have at 313-532-2571, or email me at

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