Breaking News: No 2014 Corvettes in Dealerships Until Fall 2013

Chevrolet has said less about the 2014 Corvettes than about the 2012 and 2013 models, but we understand that they have more time to reveal that information.

In their special communication to the dealers this week, they said the obvious: "The introduction of any next generation Corvette is one of the most highly anticipated introductions in the automobile industry.  The expected arrival of a new generation Corvette generates a lot of showroom excitement and traffic."

Chevy is requiring that dealerships that plan to sell the C7 Corvette must purchase additional tools and commit to additional training.  That, too, is no surprise.

Dealers will receive allotment based on success in selling/leasing Corvettes during the 2012 calendar year.  At a very minimum, a dealer will not receive C7s to sell until six months into the new model production, if they do not deliver a minimum of four Corvettes between now and the end of December.

The biggest reveal in the letter was that "the next model run will NOT immediately follow the end of the 2013 model run.  Dealers will need to be prepared for several months in 2013 without Corvette production."  The capital letters and the bolding are theirs.  That suggests that the very first production 2014 Corvette models will not arrive on dealers’ lots until fall 2013!  We had been hoping for spring.

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2 Responses to Breaking News: No 2014 Corvettes in Dealerships Until Fall 2013

  1. William Eason says:

    What is your monthly guess time, August or September ? Now you have my E-Mail please let me hear from you.

    • Ron says:

      Dealers were to hear about their 2014 allocations by March 18. But that announcement has been delayed due to technical issues. The Corvette marketing team is still saying last summer. Stay tuned.

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