Spy Photographs of C7 Corvette

This time we are being given real photographs of C7 Corvette prototypes, not just an artist’s conception of the car based on real photographs.  On the other hand, we are clearly still in the cloak and dagger phase, with wild black and white stickers on cars covered with shrouds.

What can we tell from these pictures?  Well, Jalopnik believes they confirm the validity of the sketches they published back in November (see my post then).

Observations from Autoblog, Jalopnik, and me:

Front wheels may be moved forward.
Trunk deck may be higher, and trunk larger.
Rear overhang may be longer.
First new side mirrors on a Corvette since the first C5!
Four exhaust pipes closer together.
Hints of Camaro-esque taillights (which will appear on the new Malibu and Impala, too).
Reverse mohawk roofline (like Camaro).
Big open grille.
Kick at the rear bottom of the door.
A-Pillar, as in the sketches.

What do you see?

























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3 Responses to Spy Photographs of C7 Corvette

  1. motorman says:

    Whatever changes are made to the exterior will be to allow the Corvette to be more competitive aero wise in the races.

  2. Bill Connell says:

    I would agree completely.

  3. Ultrakiller says:

    I can see that they changes the front an tail lights to bi-xenons/LED’s in front and LED’s in the back. I eagerly welcome this change as before and even now the normal front lamps are fuck-ugly imo. The car seems a wee bit wider than the C6 corvette, the exhausts have been positioned closer but I don’t know why they put that line/rod right under them, might as well put something like a grille for the exhausts to not really make it look like a useless add-on.

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