Gulf States Region Supports Corvette Caravan 2014

Glenn & Andrea Johnson, Gulf States Region Captains for the 2014 Corvette Caravan have aksed CorvetteBlog to invite all of you Corvette enthusiasts in Southeast Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle to join their great migration of Vettes to the National Corvette Museum in late summer 2014!

The activities fall into two time periods:

  • August 25-27, 2014 – Gulf States Region Festivities & Caravan
  • August 28-30, 2014 – NCM 20th Annual Anniversary Celebration

The 2014 Gulf States Region Caravan is open to every Corvette Club and Corvette Owner in the Gulf States Region (Southeast Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and NW Florida Panhandle).

All Gulf States Region Area Caravans will arrive at the 2014 Gulf States Region Headquarters, on Monday, August 25.  Although participants are certainly not required to travel with the area caravans, it is encouraged, as it does make the overall experience more enjoyable and exciting.

At this time, only the Southern Area Caravan (Houston, TX to Birmingham, AL) has been set up, but other regional groups will be established as time passes.  Area caravans are needed in Northern Louisiana, Central & Northern Mississippi, Northern Alabama and the Northwest Florida Panhandle.  Those wishing to organize in this way should contact Glenn & Andrea.

Additional information follows below the jump.

Our previous blogpost on National Corvette Caravan 2014 can be read here.

Our previous blogpost on Pacific Northwest Region Caravan can be read here.

The tentative agenda for the first part of the week is still sketchy, but specific details and times are being developed.  On Monday and Tuesday, August 25 & 26, Gulf States Region area caravans & individual participants will begin to arrive, register, and enjoy local activities.  The drive to the N.C.M. will begin on Wednesday, August 27.

The tentative combined 2014 Gulf States Region Corvette Caravan Route will begin in Birmingham, Alabama, and travel via Interstate 65 to Nashville, TN.  Lunch to be determined.  The caravan will then continue on Interstate 65 to the Kentucky State Line.  Exit into the Kentucky Welcome Center and stage for our arrival at the NCM.  We will then be escorted to the National Corvette Museum for our arrival parade.

Regional planners are identified in Glenn & Andrea’s linked PDF.

Prior to the event, a Gulf States Region Route Book will be mailed to all participants of the 2014 Gulf States Region Caravan.  Ads are available for sale in the route book.  For more information, please contact a Regional Leader or the Gulf States Region Captain.

Assistance needed at this time includes the following opportunities: a volunteer to serve as the Mississippi Regional Leader, volunteers to serve as Local Leaders throughout the GS Region, and sponsors.  If you know an individual or a business that may be interested in becoming a sponsor, contact Glenn & Andrea.  Sponsorships are available from $25 up.  The Johnsons will be glad to make the contact, and present the sponsorship information.

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