Pacific Northwest Corvettes Join Caravan 2014

Recently, I made a post on the Corvette Caravan 2014 called All Roads Lead to Bowling Green, in which I invited Caravan Captains to communicate their plans through this blog.  If you are a Caravan Captain and are sending me your announcements, please send a photo of yourself, preferably with your Corvette or your local club.  Our readers love the photographs! 

First to respond was Robin Forrer, Captain for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.  You can read Robin’s complete announcement here, but also, this slightly abridged summary:

We are planning to arrive on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 this time!!! This means that we have almost 5 days in Bowling Green, making it a real treat to see and participate in the local areas festivities, events, tours, and landmarks.


The Pacific NW Caravan is unique, in that we have the potential of many participants from 5 states, including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.  We also have some of the Canadian groups and Northern California participants joining us.  All Corvette Owners are welcome to join in our caravan!

Please email me ( if you have plans to attend our section of the Caravan, and I will add you to my email list.  Please include what area you are from, and where you want to join in with our group.  This helps me with planning our stops and activities . Also remember to register for the event, via the NCM website when registration becomes available (expected mid-2012)

A complete itinerary of information, routes, etc. will be available in the route book you will be receiving from me in April 2014.  Hotel blocks that are already in place will be released a year prior to our departure.  Many of the hotels have indicated they will not accept reservations more than 10 months in advance.  The blocks are well in place for our scheduled stops, so please do not worry that you will not have a reservation available to make.

Plans as of this date are:

Our Pacific NW 2014 NCM Caravan starts on Friday, August 22, 2014 with the following Schedule (subject to change):

(Thursday, August 21, 2014: If you want to come to the Portland or Seattle area early, a hotel will be available near these departure areas.)

(Day 1, Friday, August 22) The Oregon and Southern Washington group will kick off from Suburban Auto Group, Sandy, OR to Richland for lunch, courtesy of McCurley Chevrolet, then onto Worley, ID, for the evening.  Seattle area will gather at Lee Johnson Chevrolet in Kirkland, WA and travel to Ellensburg for lunch (joining up with central Washington groups, then onto Worley, ID. Idaho area will have a hotel available in Idaho Falls on Friday, for the departure on Saturday, August 23.

(Day 2, Saturday, August 23) Worley to Missoula for lunch, then to Bozeman.  The Idaho area group will join us in Bozeman and we all will participate in a sponsored dinner; special event here TBA, then onto Billings for a well earned rest.

(Day 3, Sunday, August 24) Billings to Casper for lunch, then to Cheyenne where the Northern California/Nevada and Utah caravan maybe will join us (if they haven’t joined the Colorado Caravan yet in Denver).

(Day 4, Monday, August 25) Cheyenne to North Platte, NE for lunch and onto Lincoln, NE where the Nebraska group will have a "Welcome to Lincoln, Nebraska" event on Monday, August 25, 2014.

(Day 5, Tuesday, August 26) the caravan will tour the Museum of American Speed in Lincoln, NE.  The caravan will then travel to Columbia, MO.

(Day 6, Wednesday, August 27) We are planning our launch point from the Columbia, MO area where we will gather at the Bass Pro Parking Lot with a 7:30 AM launch time August 27, 2014.  We will travel to Mount Vernon, IL, where we will stop for lunch.  There is anticipation we will regroup once again while in Bowling Green just prior to making our grand entrance.  Please see the Kansas MO Captains Site for more information.

An awesome video courtesy of Joe Moncado (Kansas, MO Captain) is available here.  In 2003 we launched from Independence with approximately 1000 Corvettes that morning.

And while the Caravan is a little more than 2 years away (time flies when you’re planning a trip like this) we look forward to working with each and every Corvette Club and Corvette enthusiast in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana and beyond.

I am blocking the hotel rooms for our journey, and will have the locations available for individual reservations about a year before the event.  A few of the hotels I have blocked will not take reservations till October 2013.  Each person is responsible for making their own hotel reservations.  Please try to use the hotels I will have given you as they are strategically selected to be at the most advantageous location at each stop for events.

Registration for the NCM 20th Anniversary Celebration and the 2014 National Corvette Caravan is not open at this time, but is expected to go live in September 2012.  You will need to go the NCM website to register when registration becomes available.  Also, please email me so I may add you to my list for our section.

Assembly Plant Tours
Within 2 years of the event, you may register yourselves or groups to tour the assembly plant. Each person wanting to do this activity should register independently.  You can visit the site here.  I highly recommend registering early as registrations will fill up quickly with the anticipation of the C7 being in production and the Caravan drawing many participants nationwide. There are only a few days we are in Bowling Green, and reservations for the Assembly Plant fill up fast.

We still need volunteers to make this a successful Caravan.  If you are interested in being a part of the team, please contact me at or 503-998-3062.  We need Volunteer Committee members and a host of others.  The areas I still need are: Ellensburg (Yakima Club), Idaho Falls, and Billings, MT (Glass Reunion).

To make the Pacific NW Caravan successful, we need sponsors.  If you are interested in a Sponsorship or if you know a business or individual, who would like to provide a Sponsorship, please contact me at or 503-998-3062

Please make sure you are signed up to keep current on National Corvette Caravan news.  In closing, I look forward to seeing each and every one of you down the road, and if you ever need anything, or have a question, do not hesitate to ask.

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