Jay Leno Interviews Mike Yager

Mike Yager, Chief cheerleader at Mid-America Motorworks, was interviewed in April 2011 by Jay Leno on the Jay’s Book Club feature.  Jay compliments Mike by calling him the "Stepfather of the Corvette."  In turn, Mike invites Jay to his Corvette Funfest.

The interaction between Leno, as the Collector Aficionado, and Yager, as one of the most knowledgeable Corvette enthusiasts of all time, is really great.  One of the many subjects discussed is the original ZR1, which appeared in 1990.  The engine was of a Lotus design, and was manufactured by Mercury Marine!

Jay remarks that one of the great things about Corvette is that, while we might dream of owning Ferrari’s, we aspire to own Corvettes.  Disciplined living can result in its acquisition!

Mike explains his purpose in writing The Corvette Bible, now in its Second Edition, an invaluable resource for anyone considering the purchase of any Corvette for any purpose.

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[ Post on First Edition ]

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