GM Opens “Windows of Opportunity”

“Are we there yet?”  It’s an all too common phrase parents hear during long road trips.  Probably not heard too much from children in Corvettes, though!

However, in an effort to avoid this boredom and occupy children’s minds, GM has come up with something… something catchy.

Imagine a rear door window, converted into an augmented-reality screen.  This is exactly what the Bezalel School of Art and Design in Israel has created – “Windows of Opportunity.”  GM created this window concept after Toyota had released something very similar – “Window to the World” technology.

From interactively drawing on windows, to checking other vehicle’s window screens, four different apps have been created thus far for children and adults alike.  The reality of this new window tech leaves production likely far off in the future.  Some would think this to be a major improvement for rear seat passengers.

Obviously, unless Chevrolet decides to build four door Corvettes (a thought we have explored before), this will not work on a Vette, but do you see any possible application for America’s Sports Car?

You can see an interesting short video here, to learn more.

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