Georgia Corvette Club Honors a Returning Airman

It is always wonderful to see a group of people push themselves to help out someone with a need.  And when the “helpee” is someone who put himself in harm’s way for all of us, that is, a member of the U.S Armed Forces, then it is particularly appreciated!  And when it’s Corvette enthusiasts they are due the respect, it gets into the blogs like ours!

The group is Classic Glass Corvette Club of Marietta, Georgia. The serviceman for whom they stepped up is Sgt. First Class Adam Troxel, who was deployed in Kuwait for the better part of 2011.
A stunned Troxel had no idea the work was going on until earlier this month, when he was presented with the refreshed car in the showroom of Day’s Chevrolet in Marietta in front of 150 people, including 65 members of the club who brought their Vettes along for the big reveal.

SFC Troxel had asked his wife, Holly, to get the brakes done while he was gone overseas, but Holly had loftier ideas….

According to Hemmings, Troxel had traded a Bronco for the Corvette early in 2011, with plans to get the running, but otherwise rough, car back in shape.  A nine-month deployment to Kuwait put those plans on hold.
















Club members replaced virtually the entire brake system with new pads, rotors, calipers, and lines throughout.  They also revived the interior, which one club member said “looked like a pack of wolves were let loose in there.”  Painting was accomplished in Torch Red by Collision Pro of Marietta, a company with previous Corvette restoration experience.













Beyond doing a great service for a deserving soldier, the project had its benefits to the club as well, despite the hard work and long hours they put in.  “We did it because we wanted to,” club member Calvin Cruce said.  “It was a labor of love. I will say that the entire Corvette community that we came in contact with stepped up and just did things above and beyond.  Without a doubt, it was a lot of fun for us because we bonded together as a club as we did it.  It was well worth all the man hours that we put into it just to see Adam’s face when he first saw the car….  It was a lot of fun.  We enjoyed it.  It was hard work.  It was frustrating sometimes, but the end game was worth every minute of it, every skinned knuckle, and every frustrating thing that we ran into.”













Many parts, supplies, and services were either donated or provided at deep discount.  “I have to applaud the Corvette community in general for stepping up and doing what needed to be done and helping us make this happen,” Cruce said.  “I have always said that the car brings us together, but the people that you meet in the Corvette hobby are just super people!  This project proved that beyond the shadow of a doubt.  I am personally proud to be part of that community.  It just renewed my faith in humankind.  It was just a wonderful project.  I don’t think anybody who had any sort of contact with it would not be extremely happy.”











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2 Responses to Georgia Corvette Club Honors a Returning Airman

  1. bryan says:

    As a C3 enthusiast, and fan of helping those who serve in the military, I am very pleased to see a story like this. I hope that guy really enjoys his refreshed Vette. He deserves it!

  2. Bill Connell says:

    We couldn’t agree more! Thanks for your comment, Bryan.

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