Chevrolet Announces Improved Incentives On Corvette

Some of you have been holding out for additional cash from the Corvette Factory before you buy your 2011 Corvette.  While there are fewer 2011 models available on dealers’ lots now, the money is indeed better!

Effective today, Customer Cash has been increased to $4000 on 2011′s (from $3000).  Or, if you prefer, for the first time on 2011 models0% Financing is now available for up to 72 months!

What about 2012 Corvettes?  The $1500 Dealer Cash program continues on as it was.  However, 0% Financing is now available on 2012 Corvettes for up to 60 months.  And 72 months is just 2.9%.

In addition, there are a number of Private Offers available.  To determine if you qualify, please contact me (Bill) at 313-532-2571, and I will look up what is there for you.

You can link to our three 2011 Corvettes here.

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