New Sketches of the 2014 Corvette From Car & Driver

Two new sketches – consistent with the Jalopnik release last November – are found in the April issue of Car & Driver.

Design of the hood scoop is uncertain, but there will be something there, at least on some models.  The appearance of the car is evolutionary, as has been said before.

The straight lines of the rear are very appealing to this blogger (see below).

I like the sharp, crisp lines of this vehicle, more contemporary than the C6.











Car & Driver summarizes what they know and speculate:

Front engine / rear drive
Less mass / reduced weight
More complex & narrower headlamps
Double bubble roofline
Side mirrors less rounded & a bit larger
More surface detailing on the rear
Quad exhausts gathered together
5.5L or 6.0L V8
Similar horsepower, due to direct injection & higher compression ratio
Cylinder deactivation likely
Variable valve timing likely
Stop-start functionality possible
Pricing not much different from current models

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