Spring is Time to Get a New Corvette, Part One

Even in Michigan, home to this writer, the warm weather has returned, and we are so relieved.  We know the warmth may not stay permanently.  Winter isn't officially over.  However, hopes are high that top-down / top-off Corvette driving weather has returned!

Maybe you are among the many looking for a great deal on a new Corvette for the new year.  You have said to yourself that this is the spring you are going to do it.  What choices do you have?

Are you one of those who always wants the latest and greatest?  If so, you might want to be one of the first to order a brand new 2013 Corvette.  Our sponsoring dealership is taking orders now.

But maybe, like many others, your thought is that all new Corvettes are awesome.  A 2011 is just as fun to drive as a 2012, or a 2013 for that matter.  You are looking for "value for the money."  In this case, you may want to consider a 2011 Corvette remaining in a Chevy dealership inventory.

In the days ahead, we are going to feature on CorvetteBlog a few 2011 Corvettes we still have, as well as a number of 2012 Corvette models, from which you can choose.  Let the savings begin!

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