Spring is Time to Get a New Corvette – Part Three

Another Corvette Grand Sport 3LT Convertible head-turner is our Stock Number EC1127.  This is a 2011 Callaway SC606, totally equipped to look hot, and perform even hotter!

The two-tone custom Callaway C16 Hood sets this car apart.  Other Callaway equipment provides 606 mind-blowing brake horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque at 4500 rpm!  That it still gets 26 mpg on the highway is simply hilarious!  Sure, buy it for the great fuel economy.

The Eaton TVS2300 Roots-Type Supercharger is dressed up with the ChromeCoat Housing Option.  The 6-Speed Manual Transmission is enhanced with Callaway's Short-Throw Shifter.  The part of the car that most folks will see is dressed up with the Exhaust Slat Option for maximum good looks.

Special incentives from Chevrolet right now reduce the price from list at $97,910 to just $87,575.  In addition, GM has additional programs that might reduce the price even further.  Call 313-532-2571 or write for details.

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