25th Anniversary Callaway SC620 Corvette Grand Sport

25th Anniversary Callaway SC620 Corvette Grand Sport

This collection of additional photos reveal the unique markings and identification on the limited edition Callaway SC620, about which we have been posting.

One engine cover of each vehicle bears the signature of Callaway Cars Founder, Reeves Callaway. The gills on both sides reveal production sequence. This car is "00/25," meaning it is not one of the 25 production models going to customers. This unit was built about three weeks before the saleable models, and will be kept by Callaway Cars. Production cars will be numbered 01/25 through 25/25.

It was also learned that half of the cars are coupes and half are convertibles. The 25 production cars are currently at the California and Connecticut facilities for their Callaway transformation, and then will wend their way to their respective Callaway franchised dealers, like George Matick Chevrolet in Detroit, Michigan.

All cars are Cyber Gray Metallic, and have a Carbon Flash Roof. The front splitter and rear spoiler were developed uniquely for these cars. The rear spoiler sits higher than that of the ZR1, and has a sweet wedge appearance.

Callaway Dealer Summit 016
Callaway Dealer Summit 014
Callaway Dealer Summit 013
Callaway Dealer Summit 011
Callaway Dealer Summit 010
Callaway Dealer Summit 006
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