Historic Callaway Cars Reveal

2013 Callaway Grand Sport CoupeCallaway Cars made history Monday evening, as Project Manager Mike Zoner revealed the prototype 25th Anniversary 2013 Callaway Grand Sport Coupe at the National Corvette Museum. Only 25 cars are being built, and all bear special features like an etched 25th Anniversary logo and a unique carbon fiber spoiler.

Callaway staff pictured here were present from the California and Connecticut offices to introduce the highly anticipated reveal of the car that celebrates 25 years of collaboration between Chevrolet corvette and Callaway Cars. C.C. Founder Reeves Callaway recounted highlights of Callaway's 35 years in business, but placed a special emphasis on the Chevy years.

Those present for the gala included owners of many of the most historic Callaway products previously built, as well as a large group of current Callaway Cars franchised dealers. The National Corvette Museum has a special allocation of Callaways in the special display room, which will be visible through the month of August.

The 25th Anniversary Callaway Corvette powertrain includes enhancements that resulted in 620 horsepower at 6700 rpm, 14 more than the more common SC606 Package equipped models. 555 lb-ft of torque is provided at 4100 rpm. The prototype vehicle turned in a quarter mile performance of 127 mph in just 10.87 seconds. This car is a strong competitor.

More details will be posted in an upcoming blog. George Matick Chevrolet has one of these 25 fabulous vehicles available for sale. Inquire at 313-531-7100 or by leaving a private comment below.

25th Anniversary 2013 Callaway Grand Sport Coupe Reveal
25th Anniversary 2013 Callaway Grand Sport Coupe Reveal
25th Anniversary 2013 Callaway Grand Sport Coupe Reveal 
Callaway Cars Personnel
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