2013 Corvette 427 Convertible Features

427 Convertible 60th Anniversary Hood Logo

Chevy executives describe the 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible as "the best hardware, all put together in a convertible."  Many at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant have said that "this is the best Corvette we ever did!"

What hardware are they talking about?  What is so exceptional?  At the risk of being incomplete, observations made or heard recently during the recent reveal in Bowling Green include:

  • The V92 Hood is fully carbon, to reduce weight.
  • Magnetic Selective Ride Control is standard.
  • The 19" Front / 20" Rear Wheels and Tires are bigger.
  • The car is not tuned like a Z06, so "it is maybe our most edgy car."
  • With the addition of the 60th Anniversary Package, a darker blue is actually woven into the convertible top.
  • As a seventh model (for one year only), it has its own model number: 1YG67.
  • It comes in three trim levels: 1SA, 1SB, and 1SC.
  • Starting MSRP is $76,900, including Destination Charge.
  • A fully loaded 4LT will sell for just over $93,000.
  • Also included are the Dry Sump feature and Battery Pack.

As was said in the presentation at the National Corvette Museum in April, "the Corvette is designed to be a convertible anyway."  It was primarily just a matter of bolting the more powerful engine into the same steel frame of a Grand Sport.

The most demanding engineering challenge was to move the battery to the rear of the car.  The traditional battery location under the front hood was displaced by the Dry Sump unit.  A place had to be designed for the battery cable, essentially front to back.

We expect to see a lot of these beauties on the road this summer!  It is a most fitting way to send off the C6 Corvette!

427 Convertible LS7 Engine
427 Convertible Headrest
427 Convertible Steering Wheel
427 Vert w 60th Anniv Vert Roof
427 Vert w 60th Anniv Headrest
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7 Responses to 2013 Corvette 427 Convertible Features

  1. charles mcclurg says:

    will they make any of these in a automatic transmission??

  2. Bill Connell says:

    The 427 Convertible will be available only with the 6-Speed manual transmission. The costs involved in creating an Automatic Transmission to accomodate the LS7 7.0L powerplant, especially this late in the life of the C6, were prohibitive.

  3. Bob Szymborski says:

    To the comment of “the 427 is not tuned like a Z06 it will be our most edgy product” what does this mean?

    • Bill Connell says:

      Bob, the statement was made by the lead Corvette engineer, Tadge Jeuchter, and he was not asked for an explanation. I took it to mean that it was not being tuned for high performance racing, as is the Z06.

  4. Tuna says:

    The “model” designation appears to be “IGIY7″ and I think the carbon hood RPO is “B92″.

  5. Bill Connell says:

    The Model Code is indeed 1YG67, but you are correct on the hood. B92 is the correct designation. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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