3rd Party Corroboration of 2014 Corvette Appearance

Car Driver April 2012 Sketch Rear 530

A friend of a friend said……….

A fellow member of our Corvette club commented privately to me that someone well-placed in GM recently corroborated to him that the Jalopnik photo we released in our post on November 15, 2011 does indeed look very much like the as-yet-unrevealed 2014 Corvette!

The only major variation is that the rear of the car, especially the taillights, is not an accurate depiction. Looking forward to seeing it!

Jalopnik Silver C
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10 Responses to 3rd Party Corroboration of 2014 Corvette Appearance

  1. Jimmy says:

    Why would a Corvette, with a grp body need an add-on rear spoiler. That’s a trait of a metal-bodied car with a base model that doesn’t use a spoiler. The only add-on spoiler ever used on a Corvette was used on the 1979 model, the last year of that body style. For the 1980, the spoiler was molded into the rear bumper which is easy to do if all the cars will get it.

    Also, the square taillights would enrage the Corvette faithful. Remember when the usually round ones went slightly oval? Heritage is important in “dream” cars and Corvette has never forgotten that in the past.

  2. Monnerater says:

    These drawings look horrible. Looks like a bad Japanese movie prop. Goodbye my old friend corvette.

  3. michael stewart says:

    Side looks great, front looks great, but the back not so great. Square lights !!!!!

  4. Nick says:

    I agree, it does look like a Japanese movie prop…which is why I believe that the Jalopnik Corvette is NOT the C7.

  5. Steve Dutra says:

    If GM goes forward with this rendition, it will be the end of corvette ; a great american sports car for 60 years. This is a sad day for us corvette family. Square tail lights, big plastic cheesie egg crate grill. Leave it to GM to screw up a 60 year wet dream.

  6. climatar says:

    Dear GM – please DO NOT make the rear tail lights on the new Vette look similar to the crappy Camaro!!!

  7. sami says:

    it should look like the terminator concept car then you can call it
    corvette not this camaro look alike

  8. Fred says:

    It is the same old story. Every time GM changes to a new body style for the Corvette. there is always a LOT of negative comments, but yet the sales never decrease, I think the new one looks great and can’t wait to order one.

  9. David Mathis says:

    Maybe GM tightened the budget and no money was available for the design of the rear so they used a Camaro rear to save money. It looks cheap, terrible, and definitely not complimentary of a Corvette. Each model has a failure. Look at the dash of the C6; maybe a hybrid of a K-car,Yugo and, a Pinto. The C7 dash is much improved so the styling failure was moved to the rear. We can hope for an improvement with the C8 in a dozen or so years.

  10. Scot Armour says:

    The Camaro rear is ugly,to many vents on the car.I would take the speed&power of the current ZR-1 over the C-7 anyday.SA.

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