Belle Isle: And Then Came the Trucks & Trailers

Belle Isle 021

Shortly after I completed my photography of the empty island of Belle Isle, Detroit, Tuesday afternoon, the trucks began arriving.  An hour or so later, they were everywhere, many in place by their paddock, more in line to get placed, and even more still on the way.

I particularly focused on trucks with Corvettes inside, but other shots show some variety.  Detroit Grand Prix rules disallow any truck from unloading its precious racecar treasure until tomorrow, so you won't see any cars in these shots.  This post is dedicated to the hard working semi's and light duty service vehicles that help make the Grand Prix happen.

By the way, the photography of the Corvette Daytona Prototype racecars on the sides of those tractor trailers is just magnificent!

Belle Isle 022
Belle Isle 052
Belle Isle 039
Belle Isle 038
Belle Isle 041
Belle Isle 043
Belle Isle 045
Belle Isle 044
Belle Isle 046
Belle Isle 048
Belle Isle 047
Belle Isle 013
Belle Isle 012
Belle Isle 014
Belle Isle 041
Belle Isle 035
Belle Isle 027
Belle Isle 028
Belle Isle 033
Belle Isle 034
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