Weekly Corvette Ordering Constraints

Corvette Plant Production

As always, we are first to get you the complete list of current constrained items when ordering Corvettes from Chevrolet.

This week's orders will be built during the week of June 4th, 2012.  These are 2013 models and this week there are 2 constrained parts/items:

  • Q6B: 20 Spoke Chrome Aluminum Wheels.  There is a material restriction from the manufacturer of the wheel, which they expect to be resolved within 4 weeks.
  • Z30:  60th Anniversary Stripe Package on ConvertiblesAs we reported earlier this week, there is a short delay in the production of 60th Anniversary Corvette Convertibles with the Z30 Strip Package.  This is a material restriction, which they expect to be resolved within 4 weeks.

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3 Responses to Weekly Corvette Ordering Constraints

  1. Jim Patrice says:

    I’m considering an order on a Night Race Blue and Ebony GS Coupe. 3LT, Dual Exhaust, Paddle Shift Auto, Chrome Aluminum wheels and a ZR1 like spoiler. Because I live in Oregon, I need the FE9 emission option. What are lead times like? Museum Delivery? What kind of discounts can you get on an order?

    Thanks, Jim

    • Bill Connell says:

      That will be a beautiful car! If you order this week, your car will likely be built the week of August 13-16. If you add National Corvette Museum delivery, you could likely pick it up the following week. If you have it delivered to an Oregon dealer, add a couple more weeks for transport. As far as discounts, there is currently nothing offered from the factory, and I do not know what your local dealers would do, but we could provide you with a savings of thousands. If you would like me to price out your car for delivery at NCM or there in Oregon, please contact me directly at bill@corvetteblog.com. Thank you.

  2. robert groh says:

    me no happy just last week went in to dealership built a stingray first the seats I wanted were not available yet ok I can live with that 3 days ago the sales guy gives me a call the order has been accepted great should get it in around late august or September great. today I get a phone call carbon fiber dash is not available I did not order and build a $72320.00 automobile to not get the things I want in or on it not happy!!!!! it gets better he cant even tell me about when it will be available I will only wait so long.

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