2012 Corvette Production Numbers Released


The Bowling Green Assembly Plant has released their production figures for the 2012 Model Year Corvette.  A total of 11,647 Corvettes were produced: 24.4% were base coupes, 5.3% were base convertibles, 43.4% were Grand Sport Coupes, 19.5% were Grand Sport Convertibles, 4.1% were Z06s, and 3.5% were ZR1s.

Of the ten colors offered in 2012, Torch Red knocked black from the top spot with 19.5% or 2,266 cars. Carbon Flash Metallic (this year’s only ‘black’) was in close second with 18.9% or 2,201 cars. The order of popularity for the remaining colors was: Blade Silver, Arctic White, Crystal Red Metallic, Cyber Gray, Supersonic Blue, Velocity Yellow, Carlisle Blue, and Inferno Orange.

The addition of navigation to the 3LT package proved to be successful as 47.3% or 5,510 of the cars built had this option.

The Centennial Edition Package was quite popular with 18.9% of the cars having this feature, while 8.9% of the Grand Sports had the Heritage Package.

Only six buyers opted for the Customer Selectable VIN, while 12 completed the Corvette Engine Build Experience.  The National Corvette Museum was fortunate to welcome 181 Corvettes as part of the R8C Museum Delivery option.

Source: National Corvette Museum

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2 Responses to 2012 Corvette Production Numbers Released

  1. Rich says:

    How would one go about finding out exactly how rare a 2012 Corvette is when ordered with a list of specific options, color, and interior color.

    • Bill Connell says:

      As I wrote in this post, the source of the information I provided was the National Corvette Museum. They are the repository of a great deal, including this kind of info.

      Another tool, though not as inclusive, is Corvette Black Book, published by Michael Bruce Associates. Check corvetteblackbook.com.

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