Chevrolet Owned the Detroit Grand Prix

Belle Isle 029

General Motors was very active in making the Detroit Grand Prix appealing to lovers of its cars.  The Cadillac V-Series World Challenge was one of the five races held over the weeked.  And for the first time ever, V-Series actually had its own Corral, quite near the Corvette and Camaro Corrals.

However, by comparison, Chevrolet owned this weekend.  It was, after all, the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle!  Every time Johnny O’Connell lapped the track in his CTS-V Coupe, he drove under a huge Chevrolet banner, and past many other Chevy signs.  Every time.

These photos help demonstrate the strong Chevrolet presence.

Detroit Grand Prix 165

Detroit Grand Prix 148
DGP 2012 Free Prix Day 018
Belle Isle Thursday Matick Car 002
Belle Isle Thursday Matick Car 001
Belle Isle 033
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