Drive Your Corvette to Work Day is Friday

Mike by Sign
Mike Yager in front of his DYCTWD Sign

This Friday, June 29th, is the date of the 12th Annual Drive Your Corvette To Work Day, promoted annually by Mid America Motorworks in Effingham, Illinois.  In honor of the day, enthusiasts across the United States make "America's Sports Car" their commuter car for the day.

Every year, the Friday closest to June 30, Corvette's official birthday, is chosen to observe Drive Your Corvette To Work Day.  The goal is to have as many Corvette owners as possible drive their cars to work that day.  Of course, many would anyway, but we're looking for overwhelming volume.

Drive your corvette to work sign
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4 Responses to Drive Your Corvette to Work Day is Friday

  1. Tuna Dobbins says:

    My wife and I are down to just one Corvette in the garage now. We’re going to “discuss” who gets to drive it tomorrow. One of us will drive it to work.

  2. Tuna Dobbins says:

    Wife won!

  3. Bill Connell says:

    Might be time to buy another. :)

    • Tuna Dobbins says:

      Up until November of last year, we had 2 Vettes in the garage. Wife decided to go “green” and replaced her Vette with a Volt – which she loves. So, we’ll have to get by with only one Vette for a while. The one Vette is a ’13 427 60th Z30 car. With the Volt and new Vette, we’re pretty tapped out.

      Besides, I got to drive my 4-door Vette to work – CTS V Wagon. I’m not really complaining.

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